Looking to sell your home? I also do real estate photography for accredited realtors and families looking to sell, rent or lease their property.

Rates as low as $125 a session. Quick 1-3 day turnaround!

Please contact me at jdbattphotos@gmail.com or call 302-983-2516 to book your home session today. Visa & Mastercard accepted. You will get a CD of at least 30 72dpi website-ready image files to use when the time comes for you to list your property.

BONUS OFFER! One 8×10 print of your home exterior to hang on the wall of your new house, to help preserve the memories of your old beloved home.

Here is a recent property that was photographed in the morning, the images processed and released to the realtor by noon and the house was put on the market the same day.
I can take stunning interior shots with minimal equipment, using natural lighting whenever possible. Depending on the size of the house, most sessions will only take an hour.

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Tips for a Successful Real Estate Photo Session

Please be sure that your home is ready to be photographed. Following are some guidelines to make your home as attractive as possible to buyers.

-Remove any high-value or breakable personal items from the rooms while work is in progress for safety reasons.
-Windows must be wiped clean with Windex and dried, no streaks or film on glass.
-Use Pledge to polish your wood furniture and make it appear shiny and new.
-Hardwood floors must be swept, carpets must be vacuumed or steam cleaned.
-Furniture and objects should be arranged neat and tidy.
-All interior lamps and ceiling fixtures should be left on during the session.
-Ceiling fans should be turned off.
-Please contain any and all pets or small children during the session so they do not disturb the room arrangements. Floors must not be left scattered with toys.
-Try to hide any electrical cords, these can be hard to Photoshop out later.
-Please pick up any clutter off of floors, desks and tables.
-Personal framed family pictures should be removed from walls so they will not be in the photo, to protect the identities of your loved ones.
-Anything you would not want your Grandparents to see should be out of sight!
-Interior photo shoots can be done at any time of day, regardless of weather or sunny/cloudy conditions.

-Please mow the lawns and pull weeds from any gardens. An empty flowerbed without any plants is better than an untended overgrown one.
-A fresh layer of dark mulch in flowerbeds will look great in photos!
-Try to remove weeds from cracks in concrete sidewalks and asphalt driveways as much as possible.
-Debris of any kind should be removed from back yards and alleyways.
-Please move your waste containers/garbage cans inside your garage and close the garage doors.
-Do not leave your car in the driveway or parked in front of the house. Your license plate should not be visible to protect your identity.
-If you cannot put your vehicle in the garage, ask a neighbor if you can use their driveway or park in front of their house while the work is in progress.
-Timing is everything. Your home will look best in the early morning if the front of the house faces East, or in the late afternoon if it faces West. The outdoor session is weather dependent, some sun is required. I will not photograph the exteriors between 11:00am and 2:00PM due to deep shadows and harsh sunlight.
-Keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day of your shoot. I can do sessions in the winter, but it must not be actively precipitating.
-Depending on lighting conditions, I may have to drive by in the early morning and take your exteriors, and come back later in the day to do the interiors.
-If you have exterior lights pointed at the house or in your gardens, a photo shoot with your house lit up from the outside at dusk (15-30 minutes before dark) can look very attractive!
-If you have an in-ground swimming pool, turn the lights on during an evening shoot. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, uncover it and be sure the water is clean and clear. Please do not leave objects floating in the pool.

And one more thing….

Please let your neighbors know I will be at your house, so they don’t call the cops on a mysterious person wandering around your property and entering your home! This has not happened to me yet but there is always a chance it could happen.