Printographer (Noun): A visual artist committed to preserving memories that can be seen, touched and felt, everyday as you relive them on your walls, in your hands, and in your heart.

Digital is not forever!

USB drives sit in a drawer for years or they get lost within a couple months. Recordable CDs and DVDs will be unreadable in 10 to 15 years (their outer coatings start to decompose) Digital cloud storage is only around as long as the service is being offered. Websites come and go every few years. Hard disk storage is only viable as long as the hardware functions.

But modern digital printing technology is archival, 100% acid-free and UV fade resistant; and some companies estimate their products will last for up to 200 years without fading.  There are books out there that are over 500 years old and can still be read.

Can you put a price tag on that?

Print is permanent. Digital files aren’t.

Help preserve your memories for your great-grandchildren. Ask me how!

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